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How is this possible? How is this show still on television? More importantly, how did it get renewed?


There's not a lot on television that's new. But last week, after a three-month hiatus, Beauty and the Beast returned to the CW's Monday line-up. Now, we stopped recapping this show because a) no one cared and b) its three modes of existence were boring, repetitive, and bad.

The CW couldn't have been happy with season 1's ratings, which with a rating of 1.28 million watching. That's probably why they they replaced the showrunners with Brad Kern. Who did so well fixing it that season 2 never went above 1 million viewers. Until last week, when its competition was almost none. Even then, it still hasn't met even season 1's lowest ratings.


And, oh god, was the revamped season 2 awful. Brad Kern's on record as basically hating that they got the main characters together so quickly in the first season, so season 2's entire first half was devoted to throwing up roadblocks to the relationship. Amnesia? Abuse? A love triangle? A BILLION CHECKS.

In some way, maybe its nice that the CW keeps giving this show a chance. It's a nice respite from the tendency of networks to torpedo everything after a single season. Of course, it cancelled Tomorrow People, which had generally better ratings, and Star-Crossed, which was in roughly the same boat as season 2 of Beauty and the Beast. So maybe not so much credit.

Finally, there's no forgiving the show's horrific hand-waving of domestic abuse. It was so bad, we put it on our 2013 list of worst television moments.

And wait, was last week's first episode back really called "Beast Is the New Black?" WHY IS THIS SHOW STILL ON? What better shows died so it might live? What's on that's worse? What other show zombies are out there, and can I replicate their magic?


So many questions.

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