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The cash-strapped Halcyon is having a huge auction, and every single scrap of crap from Terminator 4 is up for sale. There's an aged microwave, Moon's messed-up bra — even a mysterious silver go-go dancing outfit for Helena Bonham Carter.


Hollywood Parts is selling off everything from the Terminator Salvation set — and we mean everything. Even boxes of clean t-shirts. While some of the things in this list could be interesting to own, like the Terminator X-Rays, or half metal skeletons of dead terminators, much of this stuff is the worst, especially this silver platform shoe get-up that Helena must have worn when she was a floating head at the end??? This costume must be from the trashed script many moons ago — sad really, 'cause that outfit could only have spiced up this film.

[via IESB]


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