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The Worst Doctor Who Rip-Off In Any Space-Time Continuum

Long after he left the lead role in Doctor Who, Patrick Troughton came back to play a quirkly time traveler on television one more time — only it was far, far worse. Professor Wagstaff's Time Machine is about an inventor (Troughton) whose time capsule can only carry so much weight. He's too heavy, so he has to send a couple of kids (or, in this clip, just one girl) back into history. But not to worry: Nobody, in any historical period, would ever harm a girl. It's a proven fact. Also, this clip teaches us the one piece of clothing that you can safely wear at any point in history.


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Not to be too nerdriffic....but that's NOT Patrick Troughton....that's Jon Pertwee.

As an older geek, he's the Doctor I grew up and still my favorite since the show under his incarnation was half spy thriller and half The Doctor.