Gaze in amazement at this 112 foot-tall tower made from 500,000 individual bricks of Lego. The structure, which was built by students from Wilmington, Delaware, broke the Guinness World Record last night, thereby accomplishing the dream set by every kid who has ever clicked two pieces of Lego together.

The new record eclipses the previous one, a Czech structure that measured 106 feet in height.


As part of TowerFest, the final brick was applied last night at 5:00 pm with Guinness people in attendance. It's an astounding five stories high.

The tower was built by students attending John Dickinson High School, and they spent the better part of the summer working on the project which, according to their FAQ, had definite academic elements:

This project is an academic activity. Students from around the district have been involved in many different instructional activities related to this project. Some students have spoken with architects and engineers about careers. Other students have learned about proportions and ratios using the bricks. Still other students have used estimating skills. The project even has applications in social studies. Students have learned about the Lego corporation, and talked about economic concepts related to buying hundreds of thousands of Lego pieces. Equally as important, students have worked together to achieve a common goal.


More here, including a video.

Via Leg Godt. Images via Delaware Way.


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