Everyone, say happy birthday to Jiroemon Kimura! Not only is he the world's oldest living person — he's also the oldest man. Like, ever.

Kimura was born in Japan on April 19, 1897, which places him in some pretty exclusive company; he's one of only 12 people still alive today who can say they lived across three centuries.


He was a postman until the age of 65, after which time he took up farming until he turned 90. Kimura, who has 14 grandchildren and dozens of great- and great-great grandchildren, currently lives at home with his grandson's widow.

He still eats three meals a day, but as the photo suggests, he's not looking very spry these days. But still, to live until the age of 116 is nothing short of incredible — especially for a male. And with each day he continues to live, he establishes a new longevity record for men. Kimura is currently the ninth longest person to have ever lived.

The second longest male lifespan belongs to Christian Mortensen of the U.S. (originally from Denmark), who lived for 115 years and 252 days. The longest person to have ever lived was Jeanne Calment of France who lived for an astounding 122 years and 164 days. She is the only person to break the 120+ year mark.

Sources: BBC and Wikipedia.


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