The world's most depressing anime movie is getting a live-action adaptation

Grave of the Fireflies is an anime masterpiece, one of the greatest anti-war movies ever made, and a chilling look at two children trying to survive amidst the 1945 bombing of Kobe during World War II. It is also, as you might imagine, incredibly fucking depressing. It has also just been optioned in England as an upcoming live-action movie. Fun!


U.K. production company Dresden Pictures has the rights to produce a live-action version of the acclaimed Ghibli movie in 2014, which would lead one to suspect that the new movie will be set in London, during the German's constant bombardment of the city, instead of Japan. I have no idea if the new version will keep the original's incredible bleakness - the 1988 anime actually starts with the two children dying of starvation and then proceeds to show viewers how they ended up there - but I still wouldn't recommend buying popcorn if you go see it, just in case.

[Via MTV Geek]

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Oh, good Lord. There's already two other live action versions. How many different versions do we need so we can all feel appropriately terrible?