In case you were worried you'd ever get a good night's sleep again, here are some stuffed animals that go way beyond wrong.

The Lion of King Frederick I of Sweden

In 1731 the Swedish king received a lion as a gift from the Bey of Algiers, and sent it to a taxidermist who had never seen a living lion. The poor man had just the pelt and the bones to work from.

(Photo: Hans Thorwid/Nationalmuseum, via Facebook)

The Freak Kitten by Walter Potter

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Sad fox by the British taxonomist Adele Morse

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A Leopard from the Museum d'Histoire Naturelle in Tours, France

(via Flickr/Julie Hascoët)

Sad otter

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There is something wrong with this donkey

These animals are high or stoned

A cougar

Hungry Hyena

Tanuki or the Japanese Raccoon Dog

The Vietnamese Zombie Horse

Kinky bobcat

The cock-stealing beaver

Wolves at the Natural History Museum of Kochkor, Kyrgyzstan.

An adorable dog from the Gwangju Folk Museum, Gwangju, South Korea

The Cowardly Lion from the Wizard Of Oz


Scared Cat

A happy seal with serious dental problems

Surprised Owl

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