The world's largest coffin is also an undertaker-run restaurant

What do you do with a 65-foot-long coffin? Undertakers in Truskavets, Ukraine, erected what they claim to be the world's largest coffin, and now run a side business you wouldn't normally associate with funeral homes: a death-themed restaurant.

In 2008, reports out of the Ukraine detailed the new restaurant Eternity, run by the staff of a local funeral home. Once inside the windowless coffin, diners are greeted with funereal floral arrangements and are offered dishes like "Nine Day" and "Forty Day" salads, named for local mourning rituals, as well as a dish called "Let's meet in paradise."


Little has been written about the coffin restaurant since 2008, so we can only hope that Eternity is still around and not as dead as the funeral home's usual clientele.

Undertakers build world's first coffin restaurant in the Ukraine [OddCulture via Atlas Obscura]

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