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What you see here might not compute. It might not seem real. But let me tell you that not only is Tokyo Tribe real, it’s magnificent. An off-the-wall, insane film that’s simultaneously a rap musical and a kung-fu action gang film with science fiction and fantasy elements.

Tokyo Tribe has been bumping around the festival circuit for about a year now but finally will play in select theaters and on demand October 23. I can’t recommend it enough.


Written and directed by Sion Sono, the film is an adaptation of a manga by the same name. The basic story follows several gangs who are constantly in battle with each other. However, they’re forced to band together when a terrible, unstoppable force is unleashed on the city. Along the way there’s romance, rivalry, and a whole lot of ultra catchy rap songs to go along with the over-the-top crazy, violent action and relentless energy.

And while the trailer above is kind of oddly paced and cheesy-looking, the film really does work as a cohesive, entertaining piece of cult cinema. You just have to imagine it’s difficult to cut a trailer when a film is not only in a different language, but wholly rapped. Tokyo Tribe is worth checking out. It’s rad.



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