The World's First Purple Strawberries

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Horticulturists at Cornell University have announced a brand new cultivar that they're calling "Purple Wonder." Yes, we know what it sounds like, and no, this isn't a specially-bred strain of pricey medicinal pot; it's actually a brand new variety of strawberry, and apparently it's as delicious as it is striking.


"Purple Wonder is sweet and aromatic, with outstanding strawberry flavor," explained Courtney Weber, Cornell small fruits breeder and associate professor in the University's horticulture department, in a statement. She continues:

"The color develops all the way through the fruit, which might surprise consumers accustomed to supermarket fruit with color mostly on the surface," said Weber. "And letting the fruit ripen on the plant just makes the berries sweeter."


Do you all realize what this means? It changes everything. Purple strawberry shortcake. Purple strawberry daiquiris. Purple DNA extraction! There's just one downside: you won't be able to swing by your local grocer and pick up a couple pounds of Purple Wonder whenever you please. Cornell will be filing for a plant patent, and has an exclusive licensing agreement with a seed company by the name of Burpee. In other words, you'll have to buy the seeds and grow them yourself; the path to Purple Wonderdom begins in your own garden.

[Via The Cornell Horticulture Blog]

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Corpore Metal

Well, reddish purple I guess. I was expecting something more like this: