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The World War Z sequel has a director, because life's not fair

Illustration for article titled The World War Z sequel has a director, because lifes not fair

World War Z, the movie that wasn't really about the book it was adapted from, is getting a sequel and there's nothing you can do to stop it.


THR is reporting that Juan Antonio Bayona, who also directed the not great movie The Impossible, is signed on to direct the sequel. Because the first movie made butt-loads of cash. So now we have to have another movie that bears no resemblance to Max Brooks' novel.

Is World War Z only disappointing because it ditches everything great about the book, or is it actually just a bad zombie movie in general? Discuss.


Image via Uproxx.

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I thought the Impossible was pretty fantastic. WWZ was good too, once you get over yourself and realize it's not like the book. And that's ok.