The World Needs More What We Do in the Shadows Fan Art Like This

All Images: Gallery 1988

Before Thor: Ragnarok was a massive hit and made director Taika Waititi a household name for geeks, he made one of the funniest vampire movies ever: What We Do in the Shadows. The movie has a huge cult following, but besides owning the DVD and quoting it ad nauseam, there aren’t a lot of ways to show your love for the film.

Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles can quickly change that. As part of its annual art show, Crazy 4 Cult, two artists tackled the hilarious film with two unique and different pieces of art.


This piece is by artist Conor Langton and it’s called “Wellington 1870.” It’s an 11 x 14 inch giclée print in an edition of 50.

Next is “Flatmates” by artist Jeff Boyes. This is an 18 x 18 inch screenprint, also in an edition of 50.


As of publication, both of those pieces were still available for sale at the above links. And those are just two pieces in an abundant, amazing, eclectic group show, which you can see online here or visit in person if you’re in Los Angeles. Here’s the info.

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