The World Guarantees GI Joe Sequel

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Apparently, pre-release fears about GI Joe being too America-centric were way off the mark; two weeks after its release, it's still the #1 movie internationally, even as it tumbles down the US charts.

Variety reports the somewhat surprising news that Joe had grossed $91.6 million internationally by this time last week, almost matching the movie's US take of $98.6 million, something which, according to studio Paramount, is definitely a strong enough base from which to launch a franchise. Think about that next time someone complains about US cultural imperialism.


'G.I. Joe' remains #1 overseas [Variety]

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Do they think the movie's supposed to be ironic? Is it a global hipster movement, showing their distaste by throwing money at it?

Or maybe people just underestimate Dennis Quaid's starpower.