Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

So we know Gort the big eye-blasty robot will look much like his 1950s version in the new Day The Earth Stood Still film, but how will he act? We have a few hints below. It's just one of the things that our spoiler-phobic culture demands that we hide from public view. We must also cover up our insane wealth of details about Battlestar Galactica - including one shocking revelation about a character who turns up in the last few episodes. We have a taboo against telling you who will show up on Doctor Who in 2009, as well as a great shame about telling you how Jason Statham throws down in Death Race. We must hide our Knight Rider and Sarah Connor Chronicles vids from public view. And we will throw a drape over new Heroes pics and Stargate spoilers. Break our spoiler-hating culture's taboos by clicking "More."

The Day The Earth Stood Still:

We will see mega-robot Gort early on in the new Earth Stood Still remake, says director Scott Derrickson. And this time around, Gort's role is "a bit more complicated" than just being "a universal cop" as he was in the original film. But "he's still the heavy." The new version of Gort still keeps the human form, because the relationship between Klaatu and Gort is important. [Sci Fi Wire]


Death Race:

Not only does Jason Statham have the brawl in the prison mess hall, which you're probably seen in the Death Race trailer, he also gets jumped by neo-Nazis in the prison auto shop. The n-Ns slam a pipe into his head and choke him with a chain. Props in the auto shop brawl include fire extinguishers and big pipe wrenches. (The article at the link also talks about filming the big car explosions, and how Statham visited Charles Manson's prison to prepare for the role.) [Robo Japan]

Battlestar Galactica:

Right after the BSG TV movie was confirmed, the Sci Fi Channel put out a brief plot description that makes it sound much more intriguing:

Starting before the events of the miniseries, our story focuses on familiar characters including Cylon Number One, known as Cavil (Stockwell), Resistance Leader Sam T. Anders (Trucco) and Chief Galen Tyrol (Douglas). In the beginning, the Cylons had a plan, but it didn't account for one thing: survivors. During the chaotic aftermath of the destruction, two powerful Cylon agents struggle with plots and priorities on the human ships that got away, and among the resistance fighters who were left behind.


So I guess when the opening credits were saying the Cylons "have a plan" every week, they meant to say the Cylons "had a plan." [Chicago Tribune]

File this under idle speculation, but fans are wondering if the prophecy about the "dying leader" who leads the way to Earth could refer to the Cylon race as a whole instead of to Laura Roslin? After all, the fleet found Earth right after the Cylons' resurrection hub blew up, which means the Cylons are all mortal now. [Battlestar_Blog]

Meanwhile, IMDB claims that Bill Adama's oldest son, the late Zak Adama, will appear in the final three episodes of BSG. Could he be the final Cylon? (That would be very soap operatic, since he was engaged to marry Starbuck, right?) It's entirely possible that IMDB is wrong, but it's also possible that Zak appears in flashbacks, since we already saw some photos of Laura Roslin on pre-attack Caprica that were almost certainly a flashback sequence. [IMDB via Fandom Heretic]


Rumor has it Tom Zarek dies at some point before the end of the season, although he "takes a lot of them with him." [Television Without Pity]

Doctor Who:

Sources who claim to be well informed over on the Doctor Who Forum say that Catherine Tate will be back in one of the four specials airing in 2009, and so will Bernard Cribbins, playing her grandfather Wilf. Plans for the specials, filming from January to April, are supposedly well advanced but no contracts are signed yet. Two other sources claim the 1996 TV movie Doctor, Paul McGann, will appear in one of the specials. Grain of salt, as always. [Doctor Who Forum]



Here's a new promo cast pic, plus a couple more stills from the first episode. (The Matt one looks familiar, but the Nathan/Peter one is definitely new.) [Canvas To The Imagination and Heroes Spoilers]


Sarah Connor Chronicles:

Following her traumatic car-bomb experience, Summer Glau's Terminator, Cameron, suffered a serious head injury and could have "permanent brain damage" if not treated soon. She's suffering from amnesia and delusions, and has a "hyperactive startle reflex." She's apparently living as a homeless person, in a community for the needy or with a group of runaways. That's what I gleaned from the fake "missing persons" poster that E! Online put up, anyway. [E! Online]


And hey, here's a boppy new trailer that showcases Cameron's dazed state. [Spoiler TV]

Knight Rider:

Admit it, you've been a bit worried that the new Knight Rider series will be kind of, well, dumb. Here's a new trailer to assuage your fears. "More muscle! Bigger missions!" Better now? It also shows a better view of the whole KITT Transformer process. [Spoiler TV again]

Stargate Atlantis:

Short blurbs on three new Stargate Atlantis episodes have cropped up. In episode 7, "Whispers," a team discovers one of Michael's secret labs while exploring an abandoned catacomb on an unexplored planet. In episode 8, "The Queen," Teyla goes undercover on a mission aboard a Wraith hive ship. And in episode 9, "Tracker," Ronon has to use his tracker skillz as a former runner to find Dr. Keller, who's been kidnapped. [SpoilerTV again]