Guillermo del Toro has only made eight films. Sure, a ninth is on the way (with 10 on deck after that), but he’s become such a well-known pop culture persona, that number feels low. Maybe it’s because his movies are so rich, they stay with us long after we leave the theater.

And now, you can live with those films—and the director—for even longer than that. Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles is hosting a del Toro-themed art show called Guillermo del Toro: In Service of Monsters. It opens Friday, September 11, and will remain on display at Gallery 1988 West through October 3.


We talked to the show’s curator, artist Chogrin, and he provided us with several exclusive images, as well as some crowd favorites, to get people excited about the show. And trust me, these pieces will do just that. Each represents the vibrant personality and work of one of our most beloved directors.

Check them out below, along with some explanation, if need be.

Artwork by Scott Campbell

Artwork by CF Payne, based on this video

Portrait by Mark Chilcott based on Gustav Dore’s The Childhood of Pantagruel (1873). “Dore is one of Del Toro’s favorite artists,” according to Chogrin.

Doug Jones and Ron Perlman tributes by Eric Braddock. “I wanted to make sure these two actors were featured in the show, since they collaborated with Guillermo the most,” the curator said.

Federico Luppi tributes by 100% Soft (above) & Rich Pellegrino (below). “Another actor who I love from Guillermo’s Spanish-speaking trilogy, Cronos, Devil’s Backbone, Pan’s.”

By Rich Pellegrino. See above.

Santiago Segura tribute by Eugene Kaik. “I wanted to make sure to feature the actor who had the most cameos in Guillermo’s films as well.”

Flyllermo by Rafa Toro

Sculpture by Pakoto Martinez

Sculpture by Sillof

Sculpture based on Chogrin’s design by Figment Foundry

Anatomy of Guillermo by Chogrin.

Artwork by Luke Flowers

Artwork by Manuel Kilger

Del Toro’s face made up of his characters and monsters by James Groman

Artwork by Chet Phillips

Artwork by Augie Pagan

Papercut by John Rozum

The “Guillermo del Toro: In Service of Monsters” opening will be from 7-10 p.m. on September 11 at Gallery 1988 West, 7308 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA. Click here for information.

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