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The Wonder Woman Movie Has a Fantastic New Poster and an Even Better Tagline

Illustration for article titled The iWonder Woman/i Movie Has a Fantastic New Poster and an Even Better Taglineem/em

You know what else it has? Color. Glorious, glorious color.

Gal Gadot just took to Twitter to unveil the first teaser poster for Wonder Woman, and although it’s a familiar sight—Diana standing, weapon ready, against the backdrop of a blue sky and orange smoke—it’s unlike anything previously shown of this take on Wonder Woman.


Seriously, we’ve known that this costume has had bold, vivid colors in it since it first went on display in the run up to Batman v Superman. But cast your minds back to her posters for that film, or her initial reveal, or even her presence in Batman v Superman itself—this is nothing like those shots, which were all muted and drained . This is Wonder Woman’s costume as it deserves to be seen, shining and bursting with color (if hidden in the shadows).


And man, what a tagline. “Power, Grace, Wisdom, and Wonder” indeed. We’ll bring you more on Wonder Woman’s presence at Comic-Con as the weekend progresses.

James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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