The above gif is going to be the closest we ever get to a Gal Gadot/Melissa Benoist DC superhero team up, and Iā€™m not quite sure if that makes me sad or deeply confused yet.

Aired during last nightā€™s Supergirl season finale, this promo is pretty much someone in the Supergirl costuming departmentā€™s boot fetish run amok, as Kara, Alex, Rhea, and President Marsdin all convene in a bar to admire each otherā€™s fancy shoes... including a pair Karaā€™s borrowed from a friend.

You know what? Kudos to her for working those boots with that outfit. Also: I love that Lynda Carter is there to wink at the camera at the end. Itā€™s totally absurd as a promo for Wonder Woman, but simply delightful.