The Women of Star Wars Get Their Punk On in This Delightful Rebellious Art Show

Art by Susan Curry

I mean, if everyone from DC Comics to Archie can start having cool biker gang versions of their female characters running around, Star Wars probably could too—or at least, swap biker gangs.

These images all come from “Rebel Rebel,” a fan art show opening tonight at the Perky Nerd in Burbank, California. Celebrating the impending fourth and final season of Star Wars Rebels, the gallery highlights the rebellious side of the galaxy far far away, whether it’s Rebels heroes like Hera and Ahsoka, or even the endless delight of The Last Jedi’s Porgs. Because you can’t talk Star Wars right now without the little bird-things cropping up! Check out a few samples of some of the art work that’ll be on display at the event below.

Hera and Chopper by Nikki Longfish
Ahsoka by Monica Davila
Maggie and the Porgs, by Elizabeth Paravicini
Jyn by Susan Curry
Hera by Allen Helbig

“Rebel Rebel” begins at the Perky Nerd starting at 8pm PDT.


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