The Woman Who Wrote the Last Classic Doctor Who Story Will Return for Season 10

Image: BBC

Just in case you’ve forgotten how long Doctor Who has survived—and when the hiatus began—Rona Munro wrote the last Seventh Doctor TV serial in 1989. And she’s going to be back to write an episode for Peter Capaldi’s Doctor in 2017.

In 1989, the last of the original Doctor Who serials, “Survival,” aired on the BBC. It was written by Rona Munro, and it was the last appearance of Anthony Ainley’s Master, Sophie Aldred’s Ace, and the last time the Seventh Doctor would have his own story. Next year, after 28 years, Munro will write another one.


To be fair, Munro hasn’t been totally absent from the Whoniverse in that time. She wrote the novelization of “Survival” in 1990. She’s also written a number of radio dramas, plays, and TV episodes. Her season 10 Doctor Who episode will be the ninth episode aired and is titled “The Eaters of Light.”

We’ll get to see it when Doctor Who’s last season with Steven Moffat as showunner starts in April of 2017.

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