Donna Langley just became the first British woman to run a Hollywood studio β€” and joined a very exclusive club of female power-brokers in Hollywood β€” by becoming co-chair of Universal Studios. In her previous role as president of production, she was responsible for Mamma Mia!, one of the few big women-focused hits of the past few years. And more pertinently to our interests, she oversaw Children Of Men and had some involvement in the Wolfman movie. She also oversaw the Paul Greengrass Bourne sequels. She'll be in charge of the creative side at Universal, replacing Marc Shmuger and David Linde, who were fired after a string of flops including the underwhelming Land Of The Lost. Let's hope Langley's ascension means a few smarter science fiction films β€” and maybe a few that are aware that women can be more than just the "love interest" or the "ass-kicking supporting character in tight pants." [Guardian]