The Wiz Live Was Everything We've Ever Wanted, Ever

Last night’s big live production of The Wiz on NBC was pretty much flawless—we loved all the performances, including all the classic numbers. Here’s my fav bit—when they go into the Emerald City and everybody is doing a version of Madonna’s “Vogue.”*

This is totally how I’m going to picture the Emerald City from now on, complete with cool ravey outfits. Want a complete run down of the awesomeness that was The Wiz Live? Check out Jezebel’s liveblog from last night.

* Edited to add: As many, many people have schooled me about, that’s not Madonna’s “Vogue.” She got it from black LGBT dancers, who were doing it in the 80s. Apologies for the dumb shorthand on my part!


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Here’s something that’s never quite sat right with me about the normal Wizard of Oz:

Nearly all of the adults Dorothy meets in Oz are doubles of people she knows in Kansas. The Tin Man, Lion, and Scarecrow look like the farmhands, the Wicked Witch looks like that shrewish schoolmarm, and the Gatekeeper/Wizard looks like the fortune teller.

But Aunt Em and Uncle Henry don’t have any doppelgangers in Oz, and Glinda doesn’t have a Kansas counterpart. What gives?