The Witcher's Blooper Reel Declares Henry Cavill a 'Sexy Greased Pig'

Yes, yes he is.
Yes, yes he is.
Screenshot: Netflix

Netflix has released a blooper reel for The Witcher, centered around our beloved Geralt (Henry Cavill) trying hard to keep a straight face while greased-up on a bed, flubbing his lines, and standing by while Roach takes a shit in the background. Well, the book does say “everybody poops.”


As part of its December “Witchmas” campaign, Netflix shared a short cut of bloopers from season one. It features Cavill and several of his co-stars doing that thing we all love to see, especially on a high-fantasy prestige show—actors screwing up their dialogue. I can’t tell if I prefer the impromptu dance numbers or watching The Witcher’s behind the scenes team call Cavill a “sexy greased pig.” Probably the latter.

That’s not the only The Witcher fun we’ve gotten from Netflix recently. The show’s Twitter account teased that a bunch of extra “Witchmas” content is hidden on this website, meaning the stuff that didn’t get “voted on” in previous polls. In addition, the streaming platform shared a video where Jaskier’s famous bard song, “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher” is translated into several languages from around the world. Just goes to show the melody sounds just as sweet, no matter the tongue.

Even more recently, the service gifted us the first page of script from season two.

The Witcher is currently in production on season two, which is expected to come out sometime in 2021. Netflix also unveiled the logo for Nightmare of the Wolf: A Witcher Anime, which is also set to be released next year.

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Toss a coin to your ...... dammit. It took all year to get that song outta my head. Guess ill be humming it till ‘21.