The Witcher Will Recommence Coin Tossing in August

Geralt was already a master of social distancing before 2020 went down, frankly.
Geralt was already a master of social distancing before 2020 went down, frankly.
Image: Netflix

Presumably said coins will be tossed into the pockets of cast and crew as they ramp up production on the series’ second season. One would hope so, at least.


Strained bardic jokes aside, yes, Netflix has confirmed that UK based production on the sophomore season of The Witcher will recommence from August 17. The streamer likewise informed the world of this via the medium of Jaskier jokes, because frankly, it is the only way we can communicate thoughts and ideas about the very concept of The Witcher now. Thanks, catchy lute jingles. You’ve poisoned the discourse in the most delightful way possible.

Production on The Witcher’s second season had already begun at Wokingham’s Arborfield Studios, when Game of Thrones actor Kristofer Hivju—who has joined the show’s second season as Nivellen, a supporting character from the novels that Geralt aids in one of his many adventures—tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Production was shut down in March, and with the U.K. Government now slowly lifting lockdown regulations in many industries, including the film and television industry, studios are starting to steadily ramp up to the strange new world filmmaking finds itself in during an age of social distancing.

The delays brought about by the arrival of the novel coronavirus pandemic will likely knock The Witcher’s second season release back a bit, but considering we weren’t expecting the show’s return until 2021 anyway it likely won’t leave us waiting that much longer to see what Geralt and Ciri get up to now that they’ve finally met up and become aware that the both of them are very interested in a certain mage named Yennefer of Vengerberg.

As well as introducing new characters from the books like Hivju’s aforementioned Nivellen, or Geralt’s fellow witchers like Coen, Lambert, and Eskel, and his mentor Vesemir, played by Killing Eve’s Kim Bodnia, the second season will focus on uniting Geralt, Ciri, and Yenn as a family unit now that they’ve been introduced to us across season one’s twisty-turny timeline. We’ll bring you more about Netflix’s plans to return to The Continent—including that planned animated movie prelude—as and when we learn them.


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***Spoiler warning for those who have not watched the series or played Witcher 3***

I love this show. It actually the reason I started playing Witcher 3.

That said, as someone who had ZERO familiarity with The Witcher series, season one confused the hell out of me with the timeline. I was like “I SWEAR TO GOD THE QUEEN DIED IN THE FIRST EPISODE!? WTF!” But while we are on the topic...

1. Why is Dandelion refereed too as Jaskier?

2. I assume Dandelion/Jaskier is going to be 15-20 years older this next season?

3. The role of Triss seems downplayed in the series compared to the game. How did Geralt/Triss end up as lovers?