The Witch Re-Ups Its Satanic Cred By Re-Expanding to 666 Theaters

If you missed The Witch on its first rollout, Robert Eggers’ horror sensation will be re-upping its theater bookings this weekend to a carefully-chosen number: 666. But really, this new push is aimed at luring repeat business. Just look at the new trailer below, which dances dangerously close to the fiery realm of spoilers.

This isn’t the first time The Witch has used a devilish gimmick for promotional purposes. When the film had its initial opening, it partnered with the Satanic Temple for a handful of special screenings. (When I interviewed the director back in February, he very diplomatically told me that was the distributor’s idea, not his.)

Be warned: the trailer contains NSFW language ... including a no-holds-barred shout-out to “BLACK FUCKING PHILLIP.”

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