The Wire's Cutty is playing one of The Walking Dead's greatest characters

Illustration for article titled emThe Wires/em Cutty is playing one of emThe Walking Dead/ems greatest characters

Rick and the gang made it all the way to the prison without picking up one very important character along the way. But that doesn't mean he's out for the count. And the casting is spot-on perfection. Spoilers ahead.


Rumors have been circulating for weeks about the character Tyreese joining Walking Dead (who technically should already be with the gang, and getting busy with Carol already). But alas, no Tyreese. Then the internet started chattering that The Wire's own Chad Coleman (better known as Cutty to the ladies and mother's of the jr. boxing league in Baltimore) was in talks to play Tyreese. And now there's a confirmation.

TV Line is reporting that this casting call has been confirmed. So make like the rest of the io9 team and start screaming your damn head off!

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

Does this mean they are going to kill off the other black guy? The one that replaced T-Dog?