The Winter Soldier Takes on Nightwing in Violent Smackdown Video

Screengrabs via YouTube
Screengrabs via YouTube

It’s a battle between serious and sassy, as our defrosted assassin dukes it out against the “Dick Pic”-texting Bird Boy in the latest “Super Powered Beat Down.” But who gets the final blow?

The video series from Bat in the Sun pairs heroes, villains, and “anyone in betweens” from across the comic book universe pond, with fans voting on who they’d like to see come out victorious. Several of the battles have been Marvel vs. DC, but we’ve seen plenty of other characters like Optimus Prime, Master Chief, and the Green Ranger show up for a fight.

This is actually the second time we’ve seen Nightwing in a “Super Powered Beat Down,” having previously come out victorious against Gambit. I’m not going to spoil whether he also beats the Winter Soldier, but let’s just say it’s a pretty brutal battle nonetheless. Many props to Bat in the Sun, who have some impressive staging, choreography, and special effects.


The actual battle doesn’t start until about two minutes into the video. The beginning is just random people at San Diego Comic-Con saying who they think should win. But, we’d much rather hear from you. Pick your champion and let us know if he came out on top.

Watch the video here:


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Anyone who’s read the Judas Contract will know how badass Nightwing is. Out of all the Titan’s Dick Grayson was the only person Deathstroke couldn’t catch. His reasoning? Because powers augement you and give you a false sense of security.

Also, Nightwing would have taken out the Winter Soldiers arm immediately as this is his weapon. Close combat, magnetic charge to the arm, blow it right off.