Remember this bit from my recap of Grimm's last episode, the first installment of this two-parter? "I can't help but feel we're going to watch the next episode and feel like they both could have been condensed into a really good single episode." Am… am I psychic?


Because "Revelation" was even slower than "The Wild Hunt," and even if you cut away all the needless meandering in both episodes, I don't know if you'd even have enough for a regular episode. Let's do the word count thing, shall we?

• Most of the episode is Monroe and his terrible parents, who hate both mixed-Wesen marriages and Grimms. They eventually come around.

• In a not particularly surprising twist, Stefania is working with the royal family, so Renard has his agents hide Adalind away.

• And those evil Wesen who kept scalping people in uniform? They go after Nick. Nick wins.


61 words. To be fair, I could use more, but I don't think they would be to Grimm's benefit. I could point out that Nick's mom and dad are COMPLETELY AGAINST EVERYTHING IN MONROE'S LIFE TO THE POINT OF DISOWNING HIM but then Monroe' dad sees Nick fight alongside his son, and cuts everybody some slack (far more terrible is Monroe's mom and Rosalee sniffing each other, and suddenly her racism is fixed).

I could mention that the scalping enthusiast Wildesheer, who are not only supposed to be great warriors but part of The Wild Hunt which brings thunder and wind and disaster, actually turn out to be three rednecks with stringy hair and shitty taste in coats, and who Nick, Monroe and Monroe's dad dispatch by giving haircuts. It's not even that difficult for them.


I have no idea why this was turned into a two-parter. Hopefully next week will be better; it looks like Adalind is finally having her baby, so maybe she'll be in the episode for more than three minutes total. Or maybe she'll actually come back to Portland! Ha ha I'm joking she's never directly interacting with another main cast member again.


Assorted Musings:

• Really, Wildesheer? I know you liked killing "warriors in uniform," but a forest ranger? Really?


• Here's a fun game: Replay the first scene of Monroe's folks meeting Nick and freaking out, and whenever Munroe's mom and dad say "Grimm" pretend they're saying "homosexual" or "black person." Still works!

• Grumpiness aside, seeing Monroe and Nick stock up on weapons and go charging into the night together, by themselves, was a welcome sight. More of that, please.


• At the very end, Monroe's dad says some nonsense about "The Wild Hunt" portending "something, somewhere, that will change the world!" It's obviously Adalind's baby, but given all the hype that the Wild Hunt got and completely failed to pay out forgive if I don't scoot to the edge of my seat just yet.

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