The Whole "Second Cousin Twice-Removed" Thing, Explained

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You know how you're related to your grandparents, and you can easily trace the family lineage separating you from you nieces and nephews, but what about the link between you and your great grand uncle? And where do you reside on your family tree relative to your first, second and third (and zero-th) cousins?


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CGP Grey (previously) tackles these and other questions about family trees with surprising lucidity, in his latest video. Our favorite point: The rather perplexing question of what to call your siblings-in-law's spouses. Download a copy of the cousin calculator for yourself here.


[CGP Grey]

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We have a HUGE family and I just can't tolerate having a 2 year old uncle or a 100 year old niece, so I created a new system for cousins and niblings and I stand by it:

> 10 years older than you = Uncle/Aunt

>10 years younger than you = Nephew/Niece

Within 10 years of you = Cousin