The White Stag From Shadow And Bone Gets A Loteria Card Tribute

Grisha Trilogy author Leigh Bardugo and artist John Picacio have collaborated on bringing a little bit of Shadow and Bone-inspired art into the world. And we're going to exclusively reveal the collaborative project... now!

Author Bardugo (and official member of the io9 2012 power list ) is best known for the fantasy Grisha series. And Picacio's gorgeous Game of Thrones-inspired art has recently spilled over onto a Picacio-designed, high-fantasy-styled version of the Mexican Loteria card game. Long story short, the two met each other, fell in fan love and decided to work together. Bardugo was an early supporter of Picacio's Loteria card work, and thus the Shadow and Bone Loteria card was born. And we've got an early preview work of it here.


According to Picacio, the card's Spanish name is "El Venado." The White Stag scenes stuck with the artist, as they did with us.

This is a preliminary sketch of the card; the final will be in color and will be available at a future Bardugo appearance. Although we're not sure in what capacity—stay alert for updates.


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