The White House On V: What Aliens?

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Even though V's very own Morena Baccarin is denying it, there are still those who think that ABC's new alien drama is little more than a thinly veiled attack on President Obama. But what, exactly, is the White House reaction?

Surprisingly, the issue was raised with White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs earlier this week, as Mediaite's Tommy Christopher risked lizard attack by asking whether or not the President had a statement on the issue:

Tommy Christopher: Robert, I have one question and one clarification. First, the new TV series on ABC, "V," a lot of people are talking about how this show draws very strong –

Gibbs: I got to tell you - I'm going to start with this: I don't want to give anybody the impression I have time to watch anything other than what most of you all do each night. So I can't even tell you what that is or what it's about. If that makes me fairly un-cool, I tend to watch more "SpongeBob" than "V."

Tommy Christopher:There have been a lot of news stories about this –

Gibbs: Makes me a hit with one six-year-old, and that really is all that counts.

Tommy Christopher: You haven't seen the news stories about how this show compares your administration to the alien invaders? (Laughter.) Seriously, really, you haven't heard about it?

Q: He couldn't admit it if he had. (Laughter.)

Gibbs: Because there's a chip in the back of my head that requires me - (laughter) - I don't mean to - I honestly - I got to tell you, I spend - I watch a little football on Saturday, a little football on Sunday, and a lot of news every other time.

Q: Get a life. (Laughter.)

Q: (Inaudible).

Gibbs: Pardon me?

Tommy Christopher: Fourteen million people watch it, and the show –

Gibbs: And clearly, me not being one of them. Again, I –

[Cross-talk.] (Laughter.)

Gibbs: Hold on. I'm not entirely sure who I'd check on since I don't watch the show.

Tommy Christopher: Well, check with the President, see if he has a reaction –

Gibbs: I will assume that the President watches –

Tommy Christopher:– comparing him to a space alien.

Gibbs: What's the - which would probably, like, be one of the least worst things he's been called today.


The exchange ended with Gibbs being promised a tape of the show to review from ABC's Jake Tapper, which, if nothing else, should give ABC something new to promote the show with next week: "Officially screened at the White House at request of the President!"

Here's hoping that his often-discussed love for sci-fi will get him through the derivative hour without being too distracted by a cast that includes Firefly, Dollhouse, Lost, The 4400 and Smallville refugees.

White House Is Thus Far Unaware Of Comparisons To ABC's Hit Show ‘V' [Mediaite]

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

This is really a whole lt of nothing. Since the aliens talk about healing people and warn the reporter not to ask unfavorable questions it gets compared to an attempt to change US healthcare and the administrations attempts to "control the message." Seems pretty thin. It seems more likely to be a neocon attempt to compare Obama to the aliens since they are not human. Just like they tried to argue he wasn't American. I would have more respect for them if they would talk about real issues instead of whether or not Obama has a birth certificate, is a secret muslim, is trying to kill off the elderly with death panels or is indoctrinating children.

Even if it is an attempt to comment on the Obama administration, so what? ABC and the producers of this show have that right. Does Christopher ask him to comment on all pop culture references to Obama?

Also Christopher's point of "14 million people watched it..." so he's implying that Gibbs should care. A little math: Gibbs is one of the 290 million Americans who hasn't seen this show that has aired all of one episode. I think "get a life" is an appropriate comment when this line of questioning is brought up. #v