The supernatural beasties are coming over from across the pond. Being Human is finally going to get some American air time, which means no more choppy YouTubey scrap-watching for me.

The series, which literally is about a young werewolf, vampire and ghost all sharing a flat in Bristol together, is like Friends, if the cast mates sometimes murdered people and turned them into bloodsucking immortals and wolf people.


The bumbly little fellow who plays the mild-mannered werewolf, George, is awfully endearing, you should tune in just for him. The ghost is a obnoxious dead lady, but pehaps I would be too if I was stuck wearing the same clothes forever. All in all, its a cute little series (from what I've seen) and if it stays on the "troubles with dating a werewolf" path it will continue that way. Sadly it looks like it's veering off into some strange vampire war that I can't particularly understand, and I'm not sure I care for.

George "Turning" In The Apartment:

Being Human premieres Saturday, July 25, at 9 PM on BBC America.

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