The Weirdest Fish On Earth Include Some Definite Nightmare Fuel

The oceans are full of life, including some creatures that are stranger than anything you could possibly imagine. And some of the most bizarre fish look like they belong on an alien planet... or, in some cases, in your nightmares. Here are the most demented, strangest, and most insane fish under the sea.

The sarcastic fringehead, a small (12 in or 30 cm long) fish, with one of the most agressive territorial behavior

The 2.8 in (7 cm) long Atlantic Silver (or Lovely) Hatchetfish

Blobfish, a deep sea fish lives off the coasts of Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand, and it has a very different shape when it’s out of water.

Hagfishes, eel shaped and jawless marine fishes, who can exude milky slime as a defense mechanism

Some deep-sea anglerfishes, emitting light from their escape to attract prey

Goblin shark, a deep-sea shark with unusual jaws. It’s typical length is between 10 and 13 ft (3 and 4 m)

The 7.9-13.8 in (20 to 35 cm) long Sloane’s viperfish, a dragonfish holding the world’s largest teeth relative to head size among fishes

The Asian sheepshead wrasse inhabits the rocky reef areas of the Pacific Ocean, between Korean Peninsula and Japan.

Striated (or hairy) frogfish, grows up to 8.7 in (22 cm) long

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Brian Burns

I am calling “Sarcastic Fringe Head” as the name for my ska band.