No, there's no weird birth imagery, mostly naked dancing, or random extra heads. But Take That's "Kidz" video, which also came out on Monday, is almost as silly and science-fictional as Lady Gaga's "Born This Way."

Basically, a mysterious spaceship descends from the skies, while everybody in Britain is randomly watching the same science fiction cartoon on telly. As the spaceship descends, the army is called in, and for a moment it feels a bit like Torchwood: Children of Earth. On board the spaceship, the former boy band is singing about how the monkey learns to make machines and stuff, and there's a sort of rebellious Brit-pop aura to the procedings. Until finally the ship lands, and the band comes out. And poses for photos. And dances around a bit. And then takes off again.


Good job, Take That! I thought your giant space donut was here to liberate us all. Why are you lifting off again with the job only half done? [Metro]