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The webcomic “Tune” journeys to an alien zoo, where humans are the main attraction

Illustration for article titled The webcomic “Tune” journeys to an alien zoo, where humans are the main attraction

Art school dropout Andy Go has no job, no girlfriend, and no prospects. When he lands a gig as an exhibit at an interdimensional zoo, he thinks his problems are solved. But can he survive life as a zoo animal?


Derek Kirk Kim launched Tune as an independent webcomic, but it has since been picked up by comics publisher First Second, with The Middleman artist Les McClaine taking over art duties.

Andy Go is an illustration major at San Francisco's College of Visual Arts – at least until he gets the bright idea to drop out and launch his illustration career. But for all his big dreams (chief of which is drawing covers for The New Yorker), Andy isn't the most motivated person. He spends much of his time sitting on his (very disappointed) parents' couch, watching daytime TV and nursing a long-standing on his best friend. Fed up, his father delivers an ultimatum, ordering Andy to find a job, any job, and Andy swallows his pride and accepts the wanted ads.


As it turns out, three-quarters of an art degree doesn't qualify Andy for much, until he stumbles into an interview with the zoo. Andy imagines he'll be shoveling elephant dung, until he realizes his interviewers aren't from the San Francisco Zoo; they're aliens from another dimension, and they want Andy as their newest exhibit. It sounds like the perfect gig: Andy gets paid exorbitant amounts of moola to spend his days lounging around his "habitat," with weekends free. Plus, imagine all the fame and fortune that will follow his extradimensional exploits? But chances are it's too good to be true.

Tune promises to be a zany coming-of-age story, one where only the most extreme circumstances can spur our hero into taking charge of his life. So what will be Andy's breaking point? And what will finally give him the strength of will to follow his artistic dreams and pursue the girl he loves?


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