The webcomic Kukuburi is a surreal adventure through a candy-colored wonderland

Illustration for article titled The webcomic Kukuburi is a surreal adventure through a candy-colored wonderland

Courier Nadia steps through an ordinary gate and finds herself in an extraordinary world populated by flying battleship whales and bizarre creatures in dashing chapeaux. But this cotton candy land is threatened by a skeletal adversary and Nadia's own nightmares.

Nadia is a motor scooter courier, living an ordinary life of package delivery and ducking her boss. But one day, she steps through a gate and finds herself in a place where the sky is pink, land floats by in disconnected islands, and her pet chameleon can speak with a stodgy British accent. Before she has a chance to immerse herself in the wonders of this surreal universe, she's confronted with her adversary, a skeleton in crimson sunglasses and a cheesy suit, who challenges her to a game of mystical Battleship. It quickly becomes clear that the dreamland is entrenched in a war between the nightmare forces of HIM and the mysterious HER. Nadia might be able to bring balance to the land, but she can also feed the nightmares from her own memories.

Kukuburi has the makings of a grand epic adventure, but it's the charm of creator Ramón Pérez's visual creations that make this comic stand out. Each character is filled with vibrancy and life, making for scenes that are both silly (a chameleon in a fez and an octopus in a bowler hat both smoking bubble pipes) and exciting (pretty much any scene featuring Reggie the Firefly). Every scene change is an opportunity to experience a strange new corner of Pérez's brain.


Kukuburi has been on hiatus for well over a year, but as of this week, it is back on the air. Hopefully, we'll get a chance to go even deeper down the comic's rabbit hole.


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My favorite frame of this comic is when Mr. Bojangles sees L'academie des Chapeaux, and for some reason my reaction every time I re-read it is "Of course, naturally!"