Muktuk Wolfsbreath may have the internal monologue of Dashiell Hammett protagonist, but he carries bone darts instead of a gat, solves crimes in the literal underworld, and beds a femme fatale who rides a reindeer.

Many years ago, Terry LaBan created Muktuk Wolfsbreath, Hard Boiled Shaman, which DC ran as a miniseries. But poor sales left the Siberian shaman shelved, until LaBan decided to resurrect him in webcomic form.


Muktuk is a nomadic shaman who travels the snowy reaches of Siberia on his trusty (but none too bright) reindeer, waiting for a good supernatural crime to come along. Finally, a troubled dame walks into his camp and into his life. Her son has fallen to a mystical illness, and only a shaman can set him right. Muktuk suspects he's not getting the whole story, but he agrees to take the case.

Like any good hard-boiled hero, Muktuk has a troubled past, this one involving a rival shaman who has taken to stealing souls and summoning demons. And it turns out this case means a rematch with the nefarious shaman Birdbutt. It also means murderous tribesmen, less-than-helpful spirit animals, crude ghosts, and chewing demons that seem pulled from a child's sketchbook. Fortunately, it also means a lot of black, private eye-inspired humor.

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