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The Wave Sounds Like The Hangover With Time Travel and Justin Long

Justin Long stars in The Wave.
Justin Long stars in The Wave.
Photo: Fantastic Fest
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What happens when a lawyer takes some drugs and wakes up not remembering what happened the night before? The Wave promises an answer to that question, and so much more.


Set to have its world premiere at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, this week, The Wave stars Justin Long as the aforementioned lawyer who takes some bad drugs. And while the idea of losing a night might sound like The Hangover, what happens to Long’s character seems more closely related to Looper or Groundhog Day. There are hallucinations, there’s time travel, and you can catch a glimpse of it all in the teaser trailer below.


Since The Wave, which is directed by Gille Klabin and written by Carl W. Lucas, hasn’t had its world premiere yet, you know as much as we do about the movie. The description sounds intriguing, this trailer looks very kinetic and entertaining, and we’re excited to see it. Hopefully, we’ll have a review after the film premieres at Fantastic Fest. For more on that, visit this site.

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Looks like fun!