The Watchmen Merchandising Wave Cometh

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Like a mask-eradicating serial killer, the
wave of Watchmen tie-in crap is already started to surge. At this year's New York Toy Fair, we got a faceful of Watchmen prototypes, from ski masks to coasters.


I don't really know where to begin. I think my personal favorite is the ski mask, because it's just one more thing for an idiot bank robber to get arrested in. But it still won't beat the Dalek kidnapping. I guess the real question here is, what would Alan Moore do if he saw someone walking down the street with a "the end is nigh" baseball hat?


There are a few things we missed from Neca's show room, like the Watchmen thermos so please do check it out. While I don't hate the Doctor Manhattan scroll poster from the gallery I'm going to have to put my foot down on the Watchmen lunchboxes, flask, and pennant. They'll shout, "Buy this crap!" And I'll whisper, "No."

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I don't believe that any fan of Watchmen wouldn't want any of this stuff. Sure some of it is a little tacky, but if you had a kid wouldn't you want to send him to school with a Watchmen Lunchbox, or do the Jonas Bros suit your needs better. Wouldn't your gray cubicle look a little better with a black and white Rorschach pennant next to abundant yellow Simpsons merch? If you saw a guy fighting a blizzard on his way to work in that Ski mask wouldn't you just have to give him a little nod?

Sure the purist in me thinks this is sort of tacky and a little out of character for such a classy story, but then again I want all of it, its not as tasteless as people rushing out to buy dead Heath Ledger Joker figures, and finally.. A fair bit of the book is Ozy/Veidt figuring out how best to merchandise the disaster he's about to create and he constantly has his toy around him, so it kind of feels almost appropriate.