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Not only were we lucky enough to catch Project Almanac last night at Comic-Con, but we also got a few minutes with director Dean Israelite, too. Almanac's a solid first feature so it should come as no surprise that the guy's got a pretty cool project lined up next: a new version of the 1983 release, WarGames.


Remaking any film is tough stuff, but Israelite has a lot to consider with WarGames just in terms of the technology featured in the movie alone. Will it reflect what we see in the original? Will it be purely modern or perhaps will he put a futuristic spin on it? We got the chance to find out …

io9: What's up with WarGames? Are you working on that?

Dean Israelite: Yeah, working on that, excited about it. We're rewriting the script right now and I think we're coming on to something that could be very cool and trying to be its own movie. It's gotta be its own movie for its own time and take the spirit of what the original was. The original was so cool because it was bold and provocative and sophisticated for that time, so we need to take the spirit of that, make our own complete movie that's hopefully bold and sophisticated for this time and that they will stand alone.

Illustration for article titled The emWarGames/em Remake Will Feature New Adversaries

Did working with all the tech on Project Almanac influence what you're doing on WarGames?

Israelite: I think so, yeah. I think it was a great lesson. Also just being around young people the whole time on this movie and honestly looking at them all the time when they're working on set with me, they're so wired in in a fascinating way and it's helped me try bring a reality to WarGames, I think so, yeah. And also open my eyes to a bunch of different – like, I didn't subscribe to Wired until I did Project Almanac and now that started influencing me a lot while I was doing Project Almanac. I feel like I'm in that world a little bit in a cool way.

Are we talking 2014 tech? Will we be able to watch it and say, 'I know how all that works?'


Israelite: I hope it's gonna be a little bit ahead of its time like the first one was. We're trying to talk to experts and consultants now that are giving us ideas of what's about to come, so I hope we tap into the stuff that it stays relevant.

Is Russia the enemy?

Israelite: [Laughs] Everyone asks!

I'm too curious!

Israelite: No because the answer is, it's a different time so, all I will say is that the antagonists in the movie are completely different to the first one. You can't compare it. We're not in the Cold War, it's not about that. It's about something different.


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