Finally, humanity may have gained the upper hand in the ongoing battle for supremacy with our number one nemeses - the dolphins. The possible silver bullet for our aquatic mammal antagonists? Sonar. We explain all.

According to a new study from the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, military sonar causes temporary deafness in dolphins. Luckily for the dolphins, this isn't always the case - the source of the sonar pings has to be nearby, and deafness is only caused by repeated exposure - but this study only confirms what the US military have suspected since the early part of the decade, when they accepted blame for the beaching of 16 whales in the Bahamas due to trauma brought on by sonar.


Given that the US Navy has already decided that threats to marine life won't change their sonar usage, it's unknown what effect if any this new study will have on the potential for more dophin disaster lying ahead.

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