Illustration for article titled The War Between Robots And Dragons Is Finally Over

The war between droid and beast has finally come to a bloody end. The animated webseries Robots Vs. Dragons has been following the dumb army robots, concerned only with sex and killing dragons, for months. We've seen the bots go through boot camp, pick up robot hookers on shore leave, and wind up in the robot hospital. And at last the robotic minions have learned the truth about their mission. To celebrate, we've collected a few of our favorite Robots Vs. Dragons episodes, including the big robo reveal.Patching Up The Wounded Robot Troops in "Field Surgeons": Click to view Two Robots Get Lost In The Field In "Virgins:" Click to view The Final Battle: The Robots Get A New Foe In "Oz Part 2:" Click to view The whole Robots Vs. Dragons series is over at Super Deluxe.


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