The Walking Dead's Youthful New Spin-off Looks Surprisingly Fun in First Trailer

Iris vomiting all over an empty.
Image: AMC

While The Walking Dead’s second spin-off doesn’t have a title yet, that didn’t stop the cast from coming to New York Comic Con to discuss the series on a panel that, surprisingly, opened with a rather interesting trailer that’s just made its way online.

Set 10 years after the beginning of The Walking Dead’s apocalypse, the new series focuses on a seemingly stable settlement of humans that have managed to create some semblance of normal life for themselves. Unlike the other shows set in this universe, the new series follows a group of younger heroes—teens who’ve all grown up never knowing a world without “empties,” their community’s name for the undead.

The trailer introduces us to these young heroes as they go on a mysterious journey into the ruined world beyond their small settlement. The tone is unlike anything we’ve seen from a Walking Dead series, with a YA drama vibe that gives the zombie apocalypse a strangely hopeful tinge to it.


Currently, there’s no premiere date for the as-of-yet titled series.

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Yyyyeah, teenagers in a zombie apocalypse would last - being generous - about 3 days, at which point the combination of not being able to piss around on their cellphones and being forced to interact with other people would lead to mass suicide. After the prerequisite days of sulking or, you know, being eaten by the undead.