The Walking Dead's Carol Prods Daryl About His Love Life in This Exclusive Clip

Carol and Daryl get some alone time (and some acorns).
Carol and Daryl get some alone time (and some acorns).
Image: AMC

For years, fans have loved the bond between Carol and Daryl on The Walking Dead—at this point, they’re some of the few remaining strands left to the show’s earliest, zombie-laden years. The new season may be more about people wearing zombie skin than it is the zombies, but as this exclusive clip from the next episode shows, Carol and Daryl are still standing strong.

Or rather, sitting!

Taken from the appropriately-titled “Bonds,” io9 is excited to share this very cute sneak-peek as Carol and Daryl venture out into the Whisperer-controlled lands on their own mission. It’s not all sneaking and crossbowing though, as the clip shows. In a time of respite, the two can hang out, catch up, and play a friendly little competition.

It’s all very sweet, especially Carol trying to see if Daryl’s found someone to share his life with in the apocalypse. And the double-capped acorn! God, you’d almost forget that they’re fighting for their lives and the lives of all their friends in a zombie-coated hellhole filled with bonkers scary people clad in undead skin, wouldn’t you?


Maybe. For just a little bit. The Walking Dead’s tenth season continues this Sunday, November 10, at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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A Lantern of Hope

Speaking of acorns, that reminds me of a joke I came up with a few years ago:

A squirrel was starting to gather acorns for the winter, when they found an acorn that just wouldn’t budge. No matter what the squirrel tried — pulling, biting, explosives — the stem just wouldn’t snap. Suddenly, the squirrel heard the screech of tires and turned to see a truck carrying tanks of liquid nitrogen crash into a telephone pole. The impact sent one of the canisters flying, and it got wedged into a crack in the tree’s trunk right below where the squirrel was perched. Struck by inspiration, the squirrel took the tank’s hose and began spraying the stems of the acorns. With a satisfying snap, the acorns fell to the ground. As the squirrel proudly continued spraying, a bird landed on a nearby branch.

“What are you doing?” the bird asked.

“What does it look like?” the snarky squirrel replied. “I’m freezing my nuts off.”