The Walking Dead Spinoff Series Casts Baby Voldemort

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Robert Kirkman and Sons of Anarchy writer Dave Erickson are currently hard at work developing a secret Walking Dead spinoff series. Set in another part of the post apocalyptic future, very little is known about it... until now.


Deadline is reporting that the currently titled Walking Dead spinoff project, Cobalt (which isn't the official project name yet), just picked up two actors, Frank Dillane (who you may remember as Baby Voldemort) and Alycia Debnam Carey. By doing so, it may have revealed the plot to this new show.

Apparently the whole series revolves around a divorced male teacher named Sean Cabrera and a female guidance counselor named Nancy Tompkins, who has two kids. Dillane will play the son of the guidance counselor and is battling a drug problem along with a zombie problems of the world. Carey will play the daughter, who is being described as "ambitious," whatever that means.


The characters of Sean and Nancy have yet to be cast, along with Sean's kid Cody and a 40-something woman labeled as a "wilted flower child" named Andrea.

This feels like a very family-centric Walking Dead. All right then.

As for the series tentative name Cobalt, we don't know what to think there. It could be anything from finding shelter in a cobalt mine to someone holding onto a piece of cobalt, to nothing.

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John Zeleznik

Cobalt is blue...Walter White's drug is called sky blue...thus proving The Walking Dead is a sequel to Breaking Bad. (Drops mic, walks off stage)