The Walking Dead Spinoff Is a Prequel Where the Threat of Zombies Looms

Bleeding Cool has a copy of what looks like a September 2014 version of the pilot script for the Walking Dead spinoff, and it's full of people refusing to believe that the end we all know is coming is actually coming. Take a look at the brand new trailer for the flagship show's February return above.

There's a ton of violence in the new trailer, which finally gives us a glimpse of footage from the second half of season 5. Shocker: the road to D.C. is not a happy one.


Spoilers ahead...

According to this script, the spinoff is called Fear the Walking Dead, and the pilot was written by Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson. It's set in a time we know little about from the original show: at the very start of the zombie outbreak. Instead of being an accepted reality, the zombies are a sort of urban legend. No one believes it's happening. So it's one of those urban legends that turns out to be true:

Belief is not helped by the denial that it's happening:


Bleeding Cool reports that the pilot script introduces the dysfunctional family at the center of it all: Two teachers, Madison and Travis; Madison's two teenage kids, Alicia and Ian; Travis' son Christopher; and Travis' ex Liza. Presumably, Madison is the recently cast Kim Dickens (Gone Girl), who is reportedly playing a guidance counselor in a relationship with a divorced teacher, played by Cliff Curtis, she works with. Presumably, that teacher is Travis. And Alicia and Ian will be played by Frank Dillane and Alycia Debnam Carey.

In the pilot, the family has issues more mundane than a zombie invasion. According to Bleeding Cool, "Drugs, illness, self-harm" all make appearances.


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