The Walking Dead season 3 VFX reel shows computers are the real zombie killers

Whether you want to learn how the fine artists of Stargate Studios create the graphic zombie kills in The Walking Dead or just want to see a bunch of zombies get eviscerated, this three-minute video detailing how the graphic zombie violence was made in season 3 is a pretty great way to start the morning.

I tell you what, though — the blood and guts are nice, but for my money, I can never get enough of shots like Tyreese's group entering the prison, where it turns out the prison is actually just two walls no more than 20-feet long, and the rest is CG. Because that shit looks completely real to me. As they say, the best special effects are the ones you never suspect of being special effects — which, admittedly, is a little harder to do when you're seeing people get partially decapitated.


[Via Laughing Squid]

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