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The Walking Dead Season 3 Blu-ray set comes packaged in the Governor's Zombie-Head Aquarium

Illustration for article titled emThe Walking Dead/em Season 3 Blu-ray set comes packaged in the Governors Zombie-Head Aquarium

If you were wondering how The Walking Dead would top its ridiculous screwdriver-perforated zombie head Blu-ray packaging from season two, wonder no longer! Turns out $105 will get you season three of the show and a small replica of one of the Governor's many, many severed head-filled aquariums!


I have to say I kind of approve. It appears to have lights in it, so that's a nice touch. More importantly, it's just a tad more subtle than the rubber zombie head, so it'll look a hell of a lot nicer on your media shelf (so to speak). With any luck, it'll actually be water-tight, and we can put sea monkeys in there.

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Yes, you can fill it with water. And this may cause me to buy my first bluray tvseries. I was content to just watch shows as they were released before, but this would look wonderful on my shelf.