The Walking Dead May Have Just Cast the Perfect Actor for Its Newest Villain

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Normally a rumor like this would go in Morning Spoilers, but this time it’s such a brilliant idea I’m reporting it on its own because it should be true. Garret Dillahunt, who’s perfectly played some of television’s finest bad guys on shows like Deadwood and Justified, may be playing The Walking Dead’s upcoming new big bad Negan.


Now the reason we think this is because of this tweet from Dillahunt:


Perhaps Dillahunt has indeed randomly picked up The Walking Dead comic book trade in which the character of Negan is introduced, merely for a bit of light reading. But when an actor renown for playing great, complex villains starts reading a comic book series at the third volume, I think we can reasonably draw some conclusions.

I suppose it’s also possible that Dillahunt is doing research because he’s in the running for the role, and it might not be a certainty. That would be dumb, because Dillahunt is awesome and if TWD has the chance to lock him down for one of the series most complex villains, they should have done so yesterday.

Of course, “complex” in Walking Dead terms still means Negan walks around with a baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire he’s named Lucille, but he’s definitely got more depth than the Governor ever did. In the comic, Negan is the leader of “The Saviors,” a kind of like a post-apocalyptic mob—they protect other groups from zombies, but demand payment in return, and groups don’t get to refuse. This could be his same deal in the show, or maybe Negan will be part of the Wolves that are currently hassling/murdering people in Alexandria. It remains to be seen.

At any rate, casting the incredibly talented, highly experienced Dillahunt is a no-brainer, which, in a world full of zombies, is a very good thing indeed.


[The Spoiling Dead Fans via Uproxx]

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Angrier Geek

Love him since he killed it on Life with Damian Lewis. Damn, that was a good show. And I’m glad it wasn’t renewed because that means it died great.