The Walking Dead is becoming a book series!

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The Walking Dead is already an acclaimed comic book, and at the end of the month it'll become a TV series — but now creator Robert Kirkman is turning it into a trilogy of novels as well.


According to Publishers Marketplace, Kirkman made a deal for "a trilogy set in the zombie-infested world from Kirkman's New York Times bestselling comic book series as well as the upcoming AMC television show." The books will also be called The Walking Dead, although I'd bet on some kind of subtitle for each book. Kirkman will co-author the books with horror novelist Jay Bonansinga, and Brendan Deneen will edit them for Thomas Dunne Books,

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Groucho Marxism

I don't want to be unfair, but this was on other, less horror/sci-fi/comic-centric sites last week. Io9 is usually fairly fast on the uptake in sci-fi, but when it's not it's a bit noticeable.