The Walking Dead gets a second season — but what about Caprica?

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The Walking Dead season two will be a full 13 episodes. (Update: It's just a rumor.) There's an update on whether Caprica might make a second season. Plus a Tron Legacy poster, True Blood hints and a Fringe promo.


Mark Millar discussed possible casting choices for Nemesis, the movie adaptation of his comic about a Bruce Wayne-type who becomes a supervillain. He said Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp are the top choices for Tony Scott's adaptation, but his wording suggests these are more dream choices than serious possibilities. I would say we can at least take from this that they're looking for a Brad Pitt/Johnny Depp type, but honestly their own similar type is "huge freaking movie star", which may or (in all likelihood) may not happen. [Bleeding Cool]


Tron Legacy:

Here's another cool poster, this one for the film's IMAX release: [SpoilerTV-Movies]

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:

Here's a couple more promo pics: [SpoilerTV-Movies]

Twilight - Breaking Dawn:

Rami Malek, who was recently seen in The Pacific, has been cast as an Egyptian vampire for the second part of the final Twilight movie. [ET Online]


The Walking Dead:

It's now official - AMC has renewed The Walking Dead for a second season of thirteen episodes. According to producer Gale Anne Hurd, all future seasons will be thirteen episodes long. In the press release, Frank Darabont spoke about how he plans to quite literally make a new season:

"It would be great not just to get out of the heat, but to present a different idea to the audience visually and tonally by having it be winter. There's some really cool stuff that Kirkman did, where they find the one zombie that's frozen to the ground. I'd never seen that before and that's really cool."


He also confirmed his plans to bring in the sword-wielding fan favorite character Michonne for the second season. He talked about what excites him about the character, using some rather salty language to do it:

"Boy, is she a character I can't wait to get to – when she comes striding out of the wasteland like a Clint Eastwood fucking spaghetti western character cross-melded with some samurai movie, like the Baby Cart character with the fucking sword, and there's just a little drift of snow in the air. I would love to put that on film."


Update: An AMC rep has contacted us to say this is just a rumor, and there's no official news for now. [IGN]


Here's a new season 3 promo: [SpoilerTV]


Here are some promo pics from the season premiere, "Chuck vs. the Anniversary": [SpoilerTV]


True Blood:

A new promo is out for the season finale, "Evil is Going On": [SpoilerTV]

Nelsan Ellis says we will learn in the season finale why his character Lafayette and Jesus are so "spiritually connected." And Kevin Alejandro says things will only get more "explosive" between the two characters next season. Sam Merlotte portrayer Sam Trammell said that one of his character's friends or family members is in grave danger, and he also gave the overall picture for where the show will be after the finale:

"This season leaves everyone with a bunch of cliffhangers, especially with my storyline. There's something very serious, very hardcore that happens."


[TV Guide]

Kristin Bauer says Pam will stop at nothing to save her maker Eric from danger. In a separate interview, Bauer promises that Pam will "kick butt" in the season finale, and she confirms she'll be back next year as a regular. [The Ausiello Files]


According to Sam Trammell, his character's ordeal is only just beginning, and he's got a lot more turmoil and hardship ahead of him next season. [E! Online]


As you might remember, executive producer David Eick had told us that Syfy would have to make a decision whether to renew the show by August 15, because of the cast members' expiring contracts. Apparently, Syfy and the higher-ups at NBC Universal need more time to make the decision, because they've reportedly extended the contracts until November — which seems like the sort of thing they would only do if they're genuinely unsure whether to renew the show or not. The show's first season was split into two halves, and the second half will air starting in January. [Fancast]


Doctor Who:

Neil Gaiman gave a glowing report of the table read for his episode over on his blog. There's not much to glean from it, but he does confirm that the plan is to make it the third episode of the new series. He also implicitly confirms that Rory will still be around for his episode (in case anyone is worried they're going to quickly discard the male companion, like the show did with Captain Jack, Mickey, and even Rory last series.) [Neil Gaiman]



Executive producer Kelly Souders explains that Jonathan Kent's return from the dead will provide Clark with:

"...the warmth, the mentor and sort of moral compass that Jonathan always was in Clark's life – and that Clark has kind of been missing. He brings that aspect of Smallville back."



Here's another image of Lois Lane on a cross, along with a bunch of new promo pics showing Clark and Jonathan Kent catching up. They're all from the season premiere, "Lazarus." [Fancast and SpoilerTV]


Additional reporting by Mary Ratliff and Charlie Jane Anders.

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Matthew Abel

How cool is it that Walking Dead premiers on Halloween? Some will claim it corny, but I think it's cool.

I'm honestly getting psyched for Smallville. Last season (and season 8) really didn't grab me because overall, the show is terrible. I still love it though and I'm excited to see it finally go somewhere.

As for "Nemesis," could Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp be any more different? Seriously, Mark, what the Hell is the matter with you?

Excited for Fringe to return! And Doctor Who's Gaiman episode. That's going to be rock solid.